Summer Transformation Project

Ekkelsia 2020

Join students and collegiate Navigators staff from the Northeast region for a life-changing summer. The Navigators Summer Transformation Projects are proven to be "greenhouses" for spiritual and relational growth. This Online Summer Ekklesia will be no different!

At Ekklesia, we will dig deeply into the mysteries of who God is, who God says we are, how we can relate well with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, how we can serve others, God’s heart for the lost and His heart for all nations. Students will engage in the community relationally, by conducting local outreach weekly, sometimes even in their own homes. We will trust God to teach and develop us all as we learn to better love, and authentically share our faith, no matter the circumstances.


What to Expect

Each Week, Students:

  • Attend NavNite (2 hours)

  • Attend Bible Study (2 hours)

  • Prepare Bible Study (3 hours)

  • Complete Daily Devotions (15 minutes/day)

  • Engage with a Cross-Campus Growth Partner (15 minutes/day and 1 hour/week)

Optional Growth Opportunities:

  • 1:1 times with Weekly Speakers

  • Individual Time with Northeast Staff

  • Intentional Relationships

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